Wrap Bracelet - Creative Guide

Wrap Bracelet - Creative Guide


A guide to the Wrap Bracelet by Cove is a minimal, simplified and beautiful way to illustrate in detail how to make a wrap bracelet. From supplies needed to the final steps and finishing touches you can confidently make your own custom wrap bracelet. This 35 page creative guide includes pictures + detailed instructions for each step. It’s almost like we are right there with you! By the end of this tutorial you’ll be armed with the tools to make a 5 wrap around bracelet but it can be modified to make a single, double or triple wrap bracelet instead. The steps are the same and you’ll be able to customize your bracelets exactly to what you love to wear.


You’ll receive in your download:

  • A 35 page PDF file with all the steps necessary to make a 5 wrap bracelet

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