Brand Design

Curating meaningful connection through
minimal + intentional brand design.



Our creative process is rooted in deep meaning, simplicity & harmony.

Through genuine, clear and thoughtful collaboration we’ll discover what matters most. We'll reach inside, find the essential truth in order to create a brand identity that adds value and connection for you and your audience.

Our minimal + refined style of design will allow your brand to ease seamlessly through time and go beyond trend.

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The Shop

Curated collection of minimal + meaningful
pieces for an intentional lifestyle.



The Shop is carefully curated to include only minimal, meaningful and quality goods that will add value to your everyday life.

Made to inspire, these pieces are created with simplicity and intention. Crafted using quality ingredients + supplies, they're made by hand in small batches and in limited quantities.

A minimal + refined aesthetic allows these pieces to add value to any intentional lifestyle with ease.  

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Creative Guides

Our collection of jewelry making guides
for the diy at heart.



These Creative Guides will assist you through making your own jewelry at home with your chosen materials and at your own pace.  

Made with very clear and detailed instructions, they also include photos for every step along the way.


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